About Us

Goddess Artemis had a main characteristic: her dominance in nature and harmony. Harmony and contact with nature for every social occasion such as wedding, baptism or celebrations.

Artemis Estate is a place of high architecture and decoration in Koropi, in Messogaia land and at the hillside of Ymittos so that the view to the olive grow travels the senses and leaves unforgetable memories to the hosts and their guests.

The stone churche and the big bridal suites are some of its irresistible services.

The luxurious open-plan banquet hall with a capacity of 300 guests is available not only for events in winter time but also is an alternative-also impressive- solution in case of a bad weather in summer time, without an extra charge for the hosts. Big emphasis is given to the ancillary spaces such as the parking area of 300 places.

The big dance floor made out of marble is surrounded by the dinner round tables and the sound system gives out a brilliant result.

Artemis, as a restless goddess, motivates us to offer you an experienced personnel that serves the guests from the very first moment they arrive at the Estate.

An affordable luxury, with a taste of greek hospitality and fantasy.

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